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Next Generation-Projekt in Okinawa, Japan

Im Rahmen des „Kijimuna Festival“ in Okinawa, Japan, 2012 schreibt die ASSITEJ International die Teilnahme am „Next Generation Network“ für aufkommende Nachwuchskünstlerinnen, interessiert an darstellender Kunst für junges Publikum und internationaler Vernetzung, aus.

Die Teilnehmer aus der ganzen Welt werden im Rahmen des Kijiimuna Festivals im Sommer 2012, gemeinsam Vorstellungen besuchen, an Diskussionsrunden teilnehmen, an gemeinsamen Aufführungen arbeiten und den Grundstein für das „Next Generation“-Netzwerk legen!

Theaterhäuser und Gruppen sind herzlich eingeladen KünstlerInnen aus ihrem Kreis über die Ausschreibung zu informieren! Weitere Informationen zur Ausschreibung:

„The Next Generation Network is a new network connected to a programme of activity involving an international performance element, hosted by the Kijimuna Festival, Okinawa, 2012. The programme is open to young and emerging artists from any country, interested in the practice of theatre for young audiences and international collaboration. (*Young and emerging is not age restrictive; it is dependent on an acknowledgement of being at a developing stage of career with a focus on younger professionals. It also relates to new thinking in theatre for young audiences. Participating individuals should be working professionals with a background or interest in children’s theatre and work for young audiences.) This programme will be facilitated by participants from the Next Generation Project, which was a 3 year ASSITEJ Project, concluded in 2011. The working language is English with the capacity for translation into Japanese and Spanish.

The Kijimuna: Next Generation Network would involve the following key activities:
1. A programme of festival performances attended by the group;
2. A programme of forums and industry discussions;
3. A small performance challenge to encourage artistic collaboration;
4. Launch of the Next Generation Network.

The programme will aim to give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Kijimuna Festival while creating strong, meaningful connections with artists around the world. This programme will contribute to the launch of the Next Generation Network

A minimum of 15 places are available for new participants who will work with members of the original group on a work-in-progress performance on the festival theme “Nuchi Gusuri” (Theatre: medicine of life)

Participants will be supported by the Kijimuna Festival through free registration, basic accommodation and possibly a small meal allowance. Participants would need to provide their own airfare/travel to attend the Festival.

The wider programme (forums and panel discussions) will be open to anyone who wishes to be involved in the Next Generation Network. The Kijimuna Festival will advertise: The Next Generation Network through its festival programme.“

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